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      Suzhou Myesde Ultra Clean Technology Co., LTD

      Suzhou Myesde Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in 

      cleanroom product development, production, sales, and service. Our company's core 

      products are high-end cleanroom wipe&cloth, presaturated cleanroom wipes, sterile clean-

      room wipes, cleanroom wipe paper, anti-static clothing, nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, latex 

      gloves, sulfur-free and chlorine-free gloves, disposable special gloves, etc. Our products 

      are widely used in semi-conductors, LIQUID crystal panels, biopharmaceutical, medical 

      and health care, aerospace, precision instruments, photovoltaic new energy, automobile 

      manufacturing, and other industries and related fields.

      Our company products strictly implement the US IEST standard, the company has more

      than 40 companies and 500 enterprises cooperation, and products exported to the United 

      States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and other 32 countries and regions, won the 

      recognition of APPLE, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG brand suppliers!




      • Super clean

        It is widely used in wiping high-end precision products, surface parts of equipment, etc., effectively removing surface dirt and residues, and can also be used with solvents. Our company has independent research and development capabilities, according to customer needs and use scenarios. Ultra-clean cleaning products can currently meet the ISO Class 3~ 8 cleanroom use scenarios, providing excellent solutions to achieve effective prevention and control of microorganisms, particles and pollutants.

      • Human protection

        Human body protection products can neutralize part of the electric ions generated by the friction of the operator with the charge of the workwear fabric, and the other part of the electric ions with the earth or the environment, thereby eliminating static electricity and avoiding combustion explosions caused by electric sparks, causing human injury and damage to the instrument.

      • Electrostatic control

        Static control includes other anti-static accessories with excellent antistatic properties to prevent static pollution and damage.

      • Super clean

        Super clean

        Super clean

      • Human protection

        Human protection

        Human protection

      • Electrostatic control

        Electrostatic control

        Electrostatic control



      • Semiconductor solutions

        As an important basis for the development of semiconductor devices, the high purity of raw materials and intermediate media and the cleanliness of the production environment are a prominent problem affecting product quality. The attachment of dust particles to the wafers that make semiconductor components may affect the pattern of the precision wire layout on them, resulting in serious consequences of electrical short circuits or circuit breaks. Therefore, it is not only necessary to control the size of particles in the air, but also to further control the number of particles.

      • Biomedical solutions

        The biopharmaceutical industry often uses biological clean rooms for microbial contamination control. In the biological clean room, these microorganisms are mostly composed of bacteria and fungi, with a particle size of more than 0.2 μm, and the common bacterial particle size is above 0.5 μm, and most of the clothing is on other substance particles. Bio-pollution channels are not only related to the air, but also to the human body and to the clothing of the operators.

      • LCD panel solutions

        TFT-LCD must be produced in a precision clean room through more than 300 processes. In the main three-stage manufacturing processes - front Stage, Middle Cell, Rear Module Assembly, cleanroom cleanliness can reach up to 10 levels.

      • Photovoltaic new energy solutions

        Photovoltaic silicon wafer is a kind of wafer produced by silicon material processing, which is a necessary material for the production of photovoltaic solar energy, and most of its polysilicon and solar cell production and manufacturing need to be carried out in the purification workshop. According to different process intervals, different purification levels of purification workshops will be set up, and the core parts will be divided into thousands, generally 10,000 and 100,000. Each process in different purification compartments must formulate strict process requirements and process parameters.

      • Precision instrument solutions

        With the development of science and technology, the production and processing of many industrial products put forward extremely high requirements for the dust concentration in the production environment, which requires a certain air cleanliness level in the production environment and the supply quality of various related substances required to control the production process. For example, in film production, if the film is contaminated with dust, emulsion oxidation, weakening activity, pH change, etc., will affect the photosensitive performance of the film.

      • Automotive manufacturing solutions

        In addition to the need to maintain cleanliness in the production process, the automotive industry has become increasingly strict in environmental control. Oil particles are very small, and once they are not well diffused due to room differential pressure, or cleaning is not in place, they will contaminate the equipment components. Contaminant particles accumulate on components and can impair their function or cause them to be completely scrapped. Therefore, it is important for automotive equipment components not only to maintain a high degree of cleanliness on the surface, but also to keep the core of the components clean.




      Currently, our company has established partnerships with over 40 Fortune 500 enterprises. Our products have been exported to 32 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and more. Notably, we have received recognition from esteemed brand suppliers such as APPLE, HUAWEI, and SAMSUNG, as well as renowned global customers like Foxconn, LUXSHAREICT, LG, BOE, SMIC, SUMITOMO, and AS ONE.

      USA USA

      britain britain

      Germany Germany

      Czech Republic Czech Republic

      Spain Spain

      Turkey Turkey

      Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

      India India

      Malaysia Malaysia

      Thailand Thailand

      Vietnam Vietnam

      Philippines Philippines

      Australia Australia

      Korea Korea

      Japan Japan


      Go all out, just to make a good piece of cloth.

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